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Why should you choose Wilde Wanderlust for Travel?

Our mission is to offer the world through a meaningful and sustainable experience. That means going beyond supporting the GLBTIQ community and supporting the communities we visit. By choosing Wilde Wanderlust, you’ll travel with local guides, support local craftsmen and eat at local restaurants. Plus, small group sizes means the footprint you leave behind is significantly minimised.

Choosing Wilde Wanderlust means choosing eco-friendly, GLBTIQ travel at affordable prices. There is no “gay” premium attached to our trips. And you can be assured that you’ll only receive the best gay adventure available.

Wilde Wanderlust - Travel Bound and Cruise for GLBTIQ Australian Travellers.

Wilde Wanderlust

Travel Bound and Cruise: Eltham Mall, 10-12 Arthur Street Eltham, VICTORIA 3136 Australia
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