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Be a Responsible Traveller

  • Before leaving home, learn as much as you can about the country or countries you are visiting: its religion, values, customs and rules regarding the GLBTIQ community.
  • Pay particular attention to appropriate behaviour, dress and body language. Sometimes sequined hot pants are just not suitable. The country information on our website should get you started – but digging deeper will only enhance your experience.
  • Learn some of the language and don’t be afraid to use it. We’re not just talking about pick-up lines. Simple pleasantries help to break the ice, as does a smile!
  • Always ask before taking photos of people and offer to send copies if you can.
  • Treat the environment as though it were your own.

Got an irresistibly strong desire to travel?

Wilde Wanderlust holidays fully appreciate cultures and lifestyles that are often very different from our own. You are not sheltered from the cultural differences, inefficiencies or frustrations that are part of the places we visit. The emphasis is placed on getting OUT and experiencing the real world.

Wilde Wanderlust - Travel Bound and Cruise for GLBTIQ Australian Travellers.

Wilde Wanderlust

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